Upcoming Events

The Uplands Market takes place 9am - 1pm on the last Saturday of the month (with the odd exception).

The Marina Market takes place 10am - 3pm on the second Sunday of the month.

Come along have a browse and say hello.

25th August 2018

Uplands August MarketMore Info

09th September 2018

Marina September MarketMore Info

14th September 2018

Street Food Friday @unitnineteenMore Info

29th September 2018

Uplands September MarketMore Info

12th October 2018

Street Food Friday @unitnineteenMore Info

14th October 2018

Marina October MarketMore Info

27th October 2018

Uplands October MarketMore Info

09th November 2018

Street Food Friday @unitnineteenMore Info

11th November 2018

Marina November MarketMore Info

24th November 2018

Uplands November MarketMore Info

01st December 2018

Uplands First Christmas MarketMore Info

09th December 2018

Marina Christmas MarketMore Info

14th December 2018

Street Food Friday @unitnineteenMore Info

15th December 2018

Uplands Last Christmas MarketMore Info